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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this experience! Wonderful job!

  2. Your very welcome. Glad you were able to join us via live stream.

  3. Happy Sunday ya’ll look good! (high five) So grateful that I can attend via livestream when my body is not in agreement with standing/walking. Break every chain! Praise the, Lord

  4. Hi I appreciate your services when I’m not attending my church. My son attends your church when he’s not working. I plan to visit sometime this year when the tickets lower. Pray for me

  5. Ms Bouie, we are honored by your request for prayer. We believe that we receive when we pray according to Mark 11:24. We pray for your passion for Christ to be a full blown inferno. We pray that your dreams and visions of God’s love would ever increase and we pray that you would prosper and be in health even as your soul does prosper! In Jesus Name!!!

  6. Ms Kennedy,
    Thank you…your feedback is invaluable to us. It is always refreshing to know that someone is tuning in to our broadcast. Keep the faith and come visit when you can. We pray the blessing of Abraham over you offerings and seeds also, In Jesus Name You Are Blessed!!!

  7. Nebraska in the House. I love my LCFC family #DaBest Kingdom. Happy Anniversary Pastors

  8. We are loving you right back “Nebraska In The House” #GraceandPeace

  9. Pastor Tommy and Lynette Roberts ya’ll are awesome!! We love and miss ya’ll and the LCFC Family!

  10. Watching in Fairfield

  11. Very sad we could not make it today to our new faith center!! We are worshipping at another church in CR as we have a commitment for our youth at 11. Life pointe FEEDS us!! We want to receive our manna each and every day! It feels life a part of our soul is dying by not being there. It is SO good that it puts the FIRE in our Spirit!! Feeding us God’s Word to equip us to fight off the devil and his evil angels when they come to attack us, as we know he will! But he will not prevail, for JESUS IS LORD!! HALLELUJAH!!!! PRAISE GOD!!! It is time to GROW this CHURCH so the Whole world Knows HIS NAME! The NAME that is EXHAULTED above ALL other NAMES!! AMEN!!!

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